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Pentbox is a simple honeypot for beginners to use. Honeypots can give you a good idea of how many people are probing your machine for weaknesses. Without a honeypot, you may not be able to tell if anyone is scanning your machine.

1. Connect to the GUI of the Kali Linux VM in your Maryville Virtual Applications.

2. Open a Terminal prompt

3. Type the following commands and hit enter after each line:

cd Downloads/

git clone

cd pentbox/

tar -zxvf pentbox.tar.gz

cd pentbox-1.8/

sudo ./pentbox.rb

4. You should now be running PentBox. Please select the following options, hitting enter after every line:

2 (Network Tools)

3 (Honeypot)

1 (Automatic Setup)

5. Now open another Terminal window, type in the following command and hit enter:

ip a

6. Copy your IP address

7. Open a web browser in Kali

8. Paste your IP address in the browser address bar and hit enter.

9. Look back at the pentbox terminal window. Note the logs created from trying to access the web page.

10. Take a screenshot.

11. Explore other modules of the pentbox application.


Next, we’ll explore another honeypot, cowrieLinks to an external site.. Take screenshots of your process.

1. Connect to the GUI of the Kali Linux VM in your Maryville Virtual Applications

2. Open a Terminal prompt and type the following commands to install and run dockerLinks to an external site., hitting enter after each line.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install -y

sudo systemctl enable docker –now


3. Next, run cowrie with docker to run your honeypot:

sudo docker run -p 2222:2222 cowrie/cowrie

4. In a new Terminal window, use hydraLinks to an external site. to run a bruteforce attack against cowrie:

hydra -l root -P /usr/share/wordlists/dirb/others/best110.txt -s 2222 -I -w 9 -t 64 localhost ssh

5. Note the passwords found via hydra.

6. Note the logs created in the Terminal window with cowrie.

7. Try some different wordlists and flags in hydra to see how your results vary.


How and why is this important from a business mindset?


Write an APA-formatted 2-3-page essay about honeypots and their usefulness in cyber deception.

For extra points:

· Explore other honeypots and write about your process and results

· Publish an article on LinkedIn or another medium of your choosing regarding honeypots and cyber deception techniques

· Create a video walkthrough regarding the implementation and usage of a honeypot and publish it on YouTube.

· Please tag Maryville University Cyber Fusion Center wherever you publish your content!

· Email 
[email protected] 
[email protected]
 to let us know to share your artifacts!


This is the next chapter of your lab book for the semester. Each Lab Assignment is a new chapter in your lab book.

Your lab book chapter each week should include:

· Cover Page

· Abstract

· Introduction of the lab assignment

· Screenshots that dialogue your lab experience/ what you learned during the exercise

· Conclusion of the lab assignment

· Independent Research – expanding the topic.. ( For example this week, we are focusing on cyber deception, you could discuss honeypots, active directory deception techniques, organizational planning for implementation of deception and response practices, etc…)

· References


A Helpful Message regarding the projects/ lab assignments…   

Yes, we normally provide steps to follow and a general direction of what is necessary to complete the assignment…..   but they are not recipes…   they are diving boards for exploration.   Sometimes things do not work perfectly…  that’s OK..  note it in your lab book and continue.   The intent is to provide the general direction…  the assignment is intended for you to run with it and learn!! 

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